tired moons ask higher tides

moon2i dont know how we all still feel about moon gardens but here is my latest drawing of the Waterloo site. i think it includes a lot of the ideas we were discussing, but admittedly, leaves some out. in the end, i decided to do what felt right for the space itself. you all might not agree of course.

what it does have is a green ramp leading up to the terraces and roof gardens and some green walls too. at ground level i’ve left it open plan, with the use/function adaptable/open to interpretation. here i’ve been influenced by West8s designs (theres a short piece on them here)

i’m suggesting metal grills for the ground surface as these will reflect available light upwards and lighten the space, perhaps with room for plants to grow inbetween them in an ecological fashion? this could be interesting as different/more plant species would grow in different parts of the ‘garden’ according to the available light and microclimate. parts (or perhaps all) of the metal surface could be also galvanised to show the reflection of the moon at night, tracing its path across the sky.

the other elements are minimal. plenty of seating, which i think is key to the success of any urban open space, and some vertical elements which could include lighting and add a feeling of transition

i still think the site could be improved a lot with the demolion and repositioning of key buildings ( and god its such miserable architecture, who would miss it?). but perhaps these steps would bring back life to a dead zone?

8 thoughts on “tired moons ask higher tides

  1. Christine

    It is a beautiful and enticing drawing! I particularly love the mother-of-pearl colourway. Perhaps I have found myself in an underwater garden looking up and out to the moon above?

  2. Tom Turner

    It is a lovely drawing – and mother of pearl is an excellent description of its character – and it would be great if this character could flow into its evening/moonlight use and persist when it is full of people.

  3. Stefan Post author

    underwater! i wasnt thinking of that conciously but youre right! there is that quality. the way patterns of light are reflected from the large mirrored building opposite the site would also give it that feeling – the way light from a swimming pool is reflected on the surrounding walls

  4. Christine

    Also the way the planting seems to wave in response to movement in the water…and populate the seabed in clusters…and climb to higher levels on the continential shelf.

  5. Tom Turner

    Yes! The world has many streets which are drab in the cold light of dawn but animated by revelers after dark. There is every reason to apply the same principle to squares – but instead of being drab at dawn they could be ethereal.

  6. Christine

    Yes. Parley Park is a great example of a pocket park.

    Following the theme, exploring the nature of light…In the darker sea they have the most luminous fish…for example this Queen Angelfish [http://pro.corbis.com/images/AX001625.jpg?size=67&uid=%7B708767EB-2975-4555-A949-0FB2454E2751%7D]


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