One thought on “Where is this garden, famous for its sub-tropical planting?

  1. Christine Storry

    I am wondering if Peterson ever contemplated that strange period of history between the Garden of Eden and the resting of the Ark on dry land? Only eight people – and numerous pairs of animals – emerged from the Ark to start life on earth anew. So somewhere beneath those swirling waters are the remains of the civilisations, peoples etc, that emerged in the period of time between these two events. Certainly room for extinctions and other phenomenon.
    Science gets many things wrong as it improves our knowledge and understanding of the world around us – visible and invisible – but we could also say comprehensible and incomprehensible. Until very recently it was assumed Indigenous Australian had a 40,000 year history, but it is now beginning to be acknowledged that the history is 70,000 plus. Who knows how far back in time it extends?
    And there is still much the Western mind has yet to comprehend about its knowledge systems. That is not to say that they are incomprehensible…as they are perfectly understandable to Indigenous Australians themselves!
    Of course Peterson was only young when his faith was challenged by his own questioning mind and another’s lack of answers.
    Perhaps we will enter an era…..where science and belief no longer seem at odds?


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