11 thoughts on “Where is this house and garden?

  1. Christine

    I don’t know the house and garden. So I will start my analysis by looking at the materials (it seems to be stone or shingle)?

    This grey and white style of architecture is typical of homes in Canada (they tend to be asymmetric) and Baltimore, Maryland (where they are more typically Georgian in style)and the New England region in the US (where the upper and lower storeys are usually visually seperated).

    In these places they are homes in suburban settings rather than having garden settings as you might find in Connecticut or the UK.

    The roped off lawn and rows of bench seating is not typical of a private home or the English approach to heritage gardens.

    So my guess is perhaps similar to Tian’s in that I would say the house has been reproduced outside its usual cultural setting in a cold climate location.

  2. Tom Turner Post author

    Very good reasoning from both of you so I will only give a small clue: look at the planting design and not for the characteristics it has in common with England.

  3. Adam Hodge

    I reckon its N American…perhaps one of the states ij the vicinity of NY or at least on the East coast. What Englishman could hold off planting around the lawn [which isnt cut with a cylinder mower]

  4. Tian Yuan

    I analyse the planting design for a while and I insist my conclusion. I have a speculative way of thinking

    (1) The shrub design is like France style and the lawn design is similar as English courtyard design. I guess you will never show a picture from a country which has its typical design characteristic because it may not interesting idea and it is not your style, either.

    (2) I see the tall building in the background and it has crowded windows.Therefore, the colour is a bit white. Therefore, it may not be in European continent.

    (3)It seems that the house is not private house. It is like small hostel. I have been to Shanghai.

    Please tell us, thanks and many thanks to you. I cannot wait!

  5. Tom Turner Post author

    Adam: I think I might have guessed N America too, but I would have been wrong.
    Yuan: I am beginning to wonder if you have missed a career as a detective! – and have added another clue.

  6. Carter

    Those trees on the right in the 2nd picture seem to match images of trees I found for China and Japan. I’m going to make a wild, uneducated guess that this is something like a former European ambassador’s residence located in or near Tokyo,Japan.

  7. Tian Yuan

    I have an old dream which was to become a psychologist. But when I grow up I found that I even cannot see myself clearly, Therefore, I gave up.

    Thank you for your second clue. The pine trees have Japanese taste. But the pattre parterre is totally Baroque style.

    In conclusion, I am confused.

  8. Christine

    I am with Tian in guessing Japan or maybe Korea. Re: the (pine) trees and also the vegetation surrounding them in block ground cover form (if a little hedge like). These aspects are more manicured than the poor parterre garden which is looking a little neglected and forlorn.

    The terracing, white sky and umbrella’s all suggest an Asian country. Perhaps even one with a relatively impressive rainfall?

  9. Tian Yuan

    Thank you, Christine! I also support your idea. My another reason will be: Please have a look at the small person in this picture with umbrella. It is a strong evidence to confirm that it is not in western country. Western people love sunshine, but eastern people prefer using umbrella to protect themselves.


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