Recycling design ideas in architecture and landscape

Sydney Opera House in ParisDefinitely, ideas should continue to be re-cycled. Think how many generations have recycled the classical orders, always with variations on the theme.

The Sydney Opera House is a wonderful building in fabulous setting. If re-incarnated in Paris, I think it should be on as smaller scale and as a fast-food restaurant playing recorded classical music.

I’m not so sure about offering vegetarian turtle-burgers, but it is definitely a thought worth thunking.

PSĀ  “A thunk typically occurs when a 16-bit application is running in a 32-bit address space, and its 16-bit segmented address must be converted into a full 32-bit flat address. On the other hand, if a 32-bit program calls a 16-bit DLL, then the thunk is in the opposite direction: from 32 bit to 16 bit.”

6 thoughts on “Recycling design ideas in architecture and landscape

  1. Tom Turner Post author

    Great. I’d like to see some rip-roaring, howling, side-splitting outdoor jokes, though it is a regrettable fact that what makes one generation laugh makes the next generation yawn. Nationalism, in its vicious forms, deserves ridicule. My Mum used to tell a wartime joke: ‘What shall we do to punish Hitler?’ Her answer was ‘Give him Ireland’. Holywood has done a better job of punishing Nazism than Nuremberg ‘We have ways of making you…’.


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