Nothing but blue skies…

Vincent Callebaut has designed what he calls an ‘anti-smog parasite project’ for the city of Paris. He says “its role is to apply all the avant garde renewable energies so as to fight against the Parisian smog.”

Beyond its heroic environmental application Callebaut demonstrates some interesting architectural ideas some reminscent of Foster’s  Gherkin gone green! He also has a sensitive feel for creating interior space with structure….an effect present in the Gherkin, but enhanced to considerable affect in this project.

Undoubtably he was a fan of meccano as a child!

5 thoughts on “Nothing but blue skies…

  1. Christine

    Tom, Will Alsop’s use of the pilotis and suspended building is qualifably interesting as are some of his other design devices…[ ]. And perhaps his rejection of theory within architecture needs a little more elaboration? His non-theory and practice is almost POST-post-modern!

    Is this why you have dubbed him the clown prince of British Architecture?
    [ ] and [ ]

    Marian, interesting idea. Possibly….

  2. Tom Turner

    I am prejudiced to the extent that I have not seen many of Will Alsop’s buildings but from what I have seen, and from your links too, I think the man is a complete bufoon. It is difficult to imagine that real owners or users of buildings would commission him. My theory is that he gets work from surrogate clients – petty bureaucrats working for larger organizations who want to make names for themselves, and relieve the tedium of their lives, by having brief stints as avant garde cultural patrons – at other people’s expense. To me, the fact that he has managed to earn a living as an architect points to serious flaws in the architectural patronage system.
    Would I say the same about Frank Gehry? I might have done – but I’d have been wrong.

  3. Christine

    Yes. I’m trying to find a link which tells me more about this project by Alsop for the Toronto subway. [ ] Perhaps you have better access than me?

    Following from Marian’s comment – it is a great idea to commission different architects to design entry/exit junction points on the cycle tube. As the tube moves through different parts of London the context would change dramatically making different creative design responses a boon. Definitely scope for some serious architectural and landscape heritage!


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