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The Made of Light project by Speirs Major and Associates Lighting Architects is a wonderful e-book that discusses the relationship between architecture and light in 12 simple themes.

1. Source – natural and artifical

2. Contrast – light and darkness

3. Surface – light and texture

4. Colour – spectral colour

5. Movement – where time meets space

6. Function – the ability to see

7. Form – visual shape of mass and volume

8. Space – the absence of mass

9. Boundary – to unify or separate

10. Scale – the comprehension of size

11. Image – creating identity and charater

12. Magic – phenomena which can inspire us

The photographs above pick up many of these themes in the use of light in the landscape.

5 thoughts on “Light 2c by

  1. Tom Turner

    Architecture and landscape architecture should be, among other things, about the design of SPACE. Walls and roofs make this relatively easy for indoor space. Outdoor space has many boundaries, including buildings, trees, hills and the sky. Designing outdoor space for night-time is easier, because the extent of the light defines the extent of the space. We should do more outdoor lighting design, conceiving it as the design of space – not as the lighting of outdoor objects.

  2. Tom Turner

    I wish I could nominate the five or ten best examples of outdoor lighting design for spaces rather than objects. But I do not often see gardens in the dark – except hotel gardens which are done for advertising purposes. But I can’t.


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