Green modes of transport

tesla-with-camelMost of us I suppose are more familiar with the car as a way of getting from A to B than we are the camel…

…and this has consequences for the environment. Camels are quite adaptable to arid, stony, sandy etc places with not terribly much water available.

Cars on the other hand, despite the advantage of sleek appearances, have a few drawbacks. They don’t seem to be so economical on fuel, are not great company and don’t substitute for food in an emergency.

Camels can be found in gardens…cars are yet (unless Tom can correct me here) to inspire their own brand of garden…


7 thoughts on “Green modes of transport

  1. Christine

    Citroen seems to have made strides in the direction of green car design….[] Wonder when Formula One will go green? []

  2. Tom Turner

    Call me prejudiced, but I regard Formula One as the most ghastly sport: wasteful, dangerous, boring and extremely noisy. But I also got a glimpse of the Tour de France once and it seemed to be accompanied by such a cavalcade of support vehicles that its green credentials can’t be much better!

  3. Christine

    The early history of motor racing []is a little like the early history of flight []

    The races were directed towards improving the performance and efficiency of cars and aeroplanes and were akin to outdoor testing labs for innovation. The results of this innovation eventually found there way into general car and aircraft production benefiting the developing industry in general.

    In my childhood I had a fascination with motor racing – due I thought to some early idea of being a car designer (stylist). However, I am also rather found of horse racing too, and I have never thought of redesigning the horse. So, I guess I must like either the element of adventure or the element of speed or both?

  4. Christine Post author

    Quite right I can think of easier ways of touring France! [] And the race is probably not as much fun as the infinitely greener camel races in Birdsville! []

  5. Tom Turner

    Corbusier, like other modernists, was interested in industrial design. I share your interests in both the technical and aesthetic aspects of car design. Its the sight of cars screaming round tracks which turns me off!

  6. Christine

    It would seem that the very first electric ‘family’ car is not an inspiring model….[] Perhaps there needs to be more thought put into the styling so that the image of the car doesn’t reflect a lifestyle which ‘screams’ burdened by parenthood!


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