8 thoughts on “Being green is an affair of the art

  1. Tom Turner

    What a marvelous idea!
    But (1) I wish the vehicles were pedal-powered or wind-powered (2)I’d like to read more about the technical feasibility of the project. We certainly need to find ways of making solar power beautiful but since it is, as yet, uneconomic there is a risk in doing anything which would make it less economic.

  2. Tom Turner

    The Economist reports, depressingly, that solar power costs 5 times as much as grid power but, hopefully, that many companies have technical plans for how to achieve ‘grid parity’ in generation costs.

  3. Christine

    Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft [http://www.fraunhofer.de/en/] offers a prize for advances in solar cell efficiency.

  4. leo

    but of course all these cars are electric!(with renewable power sourcing)…..though yes i hope any carparks in the future will not take up enough ground level space to make mixed use solar panelling worthwhile. maybe a lot more underground carparking….please


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