green seating


green roofs, green streets, green walls. how about some green seating?

this prototype bench incorporates a trellis to allow plants to grow around it. its a little clunky at the moment, but the design and construction are deliberately lo fi, so it makes a good Do It Yourself project. also i imagined it, when overgrown, looking something like a 3d Mondrian painting, as the photoshopped images here, hopefully show.

4 thoughts on “green seating

  1. April

    What a cool idea! I will definitely try this at home. Thanks for the photoshop pictures. It really gave me a great idea.

  2. Christine

    You could design variations with tellised canopies etc…

    Found an example of green public seating that might interest you [] on the website [].

  3. stefan

    nice, but tricky to get at with a lawnmower! they’d have been better using groundcover plants, and letting them grow between the stones as well.


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