Conceptual design for architecture and landscape

phaeno_science_center1 Zaha Hadid has a wonderful design sense – she could have been a sculptor. The BBC devoted a profile to her recently ( ) and in it Simon Jenkins remarks that ‘I don’t think she does context: she does concept’. He imagines all her buildings isolated in the Iraqi desert – like the Phaeno Science Center (photo courtesy maurizio mucciola) in Wolfsburg. It was a world-scale tragedy when, in 1893, the World’s Columbian Exposition turned the course of American architecture away from Sullivan and Wright and back to Italianism followed by European Modernism. The BBC  also broadcast  an excellent profile of Frank Lloyd Wright on 9th April 2009 He drew on the classic inspiration of landscape architecture: NATURE.

2 thoughts on “Conceptual design for architecture and landscape

  1. Christine

    The relationship of architecture to sculpture and nature is only just beginning to be explored: it will be exciting to see its full potential explored and realised in green roofs of the future! []

  2. Patricia Crowder

    Good morning,
    Must tell Zaha Hadid architect designs, are for a few people.
    Don’t agree with her in conceptual design.
    Must be because we understand landscape and architecture as an spacial unit.
    My best regards,


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