What is sculpture?

Sound Sculpture

Sound Sculpture

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There is considerable ambiguity around the idea of just what sculpture really is. There is not a clear distinction between Physical sculpture (http://www.dexigner.com/design_news/4241.html) embedded with debates about function and form/simple and complex relationships and Sound sculpture (http://www.rainerlinz.net/NMA/repr/Brassil.html) which is based on the ephemeral partitioning of otherwise boundless space (and time) sometimes made visible through its partnership with water in Water sculpture. What a wondrous medium artists have been given to explore and audiences to delight in….is interpretation really essential, when what can be revealed in so much richer than a few words can begin to express?


3 thoughts on “What is sculpture?

  1. Christine

    Thankyou for the above references to Parc de la Villette (one of the places I almost visited)…but which was bumped off the to see list by an interest at the time in Phillipe Starke bathrooms![http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4PwHD7XKj0&feature=related]

    Perhaps you might be interested in this short history of sound and technology by Joseph Dillon Ford? [http://www.newmusicclassics.com/resume_folder/cela_1995.html] In it he mentions the value of ‘Le Cylindre sonore’ for demonstrating “the importance of sound in spatial design.”

  2. Christine

    ps. Sorry, the full title of John Dillon Ford’s work is ‘From Vocal Memnon to the Stereophonic Garden – A Short History of Sound and Technology in Landscape Design.’


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