Urban, urbane or uber-urban?

Rosanna Vitiello & Marcus Willcocks, researchers with an interest on the relationship between the urban realm and our sensory coding, as part of their joint project ‘The Impact of the Unknown – Unravelling the Urban Lexicon’ speak of the Barking and Dagenham Council’s project as “an impressive regeneration programme” in their blog of October 2007.

Is anyone aware whether they have conducted follow-up research with ‘Participants’?

2 thoughts on “Urban, urbane or uber-urban?

  1. Christine

    I agree. The models utilized within the natural sciences are often too reductive to be useful in
    understanding design which is fundamentally iterative. However, there are some useful aspects of sensory coding for design (in particular for distinguishing levels of ‘expertise’ and richness of perception in an observer.

    As an introduction Roland G Booth in ‘Perception of the Visual Environment’ distinguishes three aspects of precepts;
    1. Perceptual knowledge about ‘what’ is present in the environment
    2. Perceptual knowledge about ‘how’ to interact with the environment
    3. Subjective perceptual experiences.

    For Booth perceptual knowledge about ‘what’ is present in the environment is made up of the action of looking around, pre-existing empirical knowledge about objects in the environment and properties of objects which are available from the sense organs alone….


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