Top 20 International Landscape Architecture & Design Websites 2012

We were pleased to see the GSP list of the Top 20 International Landscape Architecture & Design Websites 2012: Giants of Landscape Architecture Online – and very pleased to appear on the list:

1. Places @PlacesJournal

2. – The Garden Landscape Guide @gardenvisit

3. Sustainable Design and Development Blog @landarchitects

4. The Dirt @landarchitects

5. ASLA American Society of Landscape Architects @landarchitects

6. Land8Lounge @Land8

7. Landscape Online

8. The Cultural Landscape Foundation @TCLFdotORG

9. Center for Land Use Interpretation Facebook

10. The Vertical Farm Project @VFDoctor

11. Landezine: Landscape Architecture Works

12. World Landscape Architecture

13. Pruned

14. LI Landscape Institute

15. Urban Greenery

16. Landscape+Urbanism

17. Landscape Architects Network

18. Landscape Architecture Magazine

19. D.U.S. – Design Under Sky


7 thoughts on “Top 20 International Landscape Architecture & Design Websites 2012

  1. Jerry

    Though I clicked Gardenvisite almost every day, I still have several questions:
    (1) How many English landscape websites in total? 200 or 20? (2) How can they collect the data for the number of the users? (3) What is the research method to give this conclusion?

    1. Tom Turner Post author

      The information comes from Alexa which is an Amazon company. But there is no knowing how many English websites there are. I think the research method was (1) do a representative set of landscape architecture searches (2) see which websites come top (3) go to Alexa to see their traffic rank. So the conclusion is more quantitative than qualitative.

  2. grant

    Tom, as they say ,’you woz robbed’!
    Bit like Rod Stewart keeping The Sex Pistols off the no 1 slot during the Queens Silver Jubilee (1977) (which was rigged by the BBC, the Pistols where right…God save the Queen, a Fascist Regime).

    Always no 1 in our books (class of 2012)



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