The landscape architecture of London's beaches and foreshore

Londoner’s require a right to roam on London’s beaches and, wherever possible, a public access route along the entire foreshore.

The Port of London Authority PLA does not encourage access because it was set up to manage the port, commercially, for maritime shipping. It gives safety considerations as a reason for not spending money on public goods. But the Seven Sisters Country Park is a much more dangerous place and is managed for recreation, conservation and wildlife. My suggestion is to transfer the amenity responsibilities of the PLA to a Landscape Agency and to bring both bodies within the GLA Greater London Authority family of public authorities. Construction of the Thames Tideway Tunnel will make the water much cleaner and the beaches more desirable.

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4 thoughts on “The landscape architecture of London's beaches and foreshore

    1. Tom Turner Post author

      Bungee jumping without modern technology – scary.
      I don’t know what to make of London’s bobbies. Almost everything written about them is bad but my (limited!) personal experience of them is very good. They seem kindly, good humoured and intelligent. Maybe it’s the first world was story: lions led by donkeys.


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