3 thoughts on “Squirrel-proof bird feeder cage

  1. esther aitken

    I have had the same problem with my bird proof squirrel feeder. The adult ones cannot get through the bars but the baby ones can! and I have the picture to proove it.

  2. Hermione

    As well as squirrels, juvenile brown rats have little problem getting into most of the ‘squirrel-proof’ bird feeders on the market today, which isn’t a very welcome sight to behold, and gives the bird visitors a near heart attack!

    It may be possible to use a feeder with a tray beneath (to catch the fragments), and a large non-fixed polycarbonate dome above (to deter pests from above), if the feeder is suspended from a tree with a clear radius of 6 feet around to prevent squirrels or rats jumping onto it…but, this is time-consuming and impossible to achieve in small gardens without the space or trees required. The cheapest option long-term is to plant a variety of shrubs and wildflowers which produce food which is naturally attractive to birds, and can double up as nesting or roosting sites. Most modern bird books have a section on what plants etc will attract particular bird species to the garden, so it may be advisable to focus on this alternative form of ‘bird feeding’ for peace of mind and to avoid getting an unwelcome sight like in the photo above.

  3. free_soul

    you’ve caged a squirrel. how horrible is that. the whole idea of caging a free spirit like you own it, as if you’re superior to it, doesn’t work for me. you want to feed a squirrel? go ahead! dont CAGE it like you need to discipline it and teach it some manners to stay in a place a finish a meal.
    Jeez, what did they teach you in school man?! O.o
    I’m appalled.


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