Make it extraordinary

What makes the setting of a town extraordinary? What makes a development extraordinary? What makes a garden extraordinary?

Is it the subtlety of colour? Is it the unexpected? Strong formal qualities? A sense of fun? Or a location to die for?

Or the delight of the whimsical? Or recognition of the familiar?

Just what is the X-factor that makes a design extraordinary?

3 thoughts on “Make it extraordinary

  1. Tom Turner

    Adam, a book would be welcome.
    Christine, ‘What makes Avebury extraordinary?’ is easier to answer than the general question of what makes places extraordinary. Avebury is a beautiful place in a wonderful setting with an amazing history. I find it far more beautiful than Stonehenge and I am fascinated by the questions of how henge monuments were sited in the landscape and how they were used by their builders. It is also a source of wonder that Avebury has a beautiful village, a church, a museum and a fine garden. But it would be a pity if ‘keep working on the problem for 4,600 years’ was the answer to your question!

  2. Christine

    Avebury is an example of an extraordinary place and yes probably for all the reasons that you say. A good way to view Avebury as an example is to ask: 1) what makes it a beautiful place? (more beautiful than stonehenge)
    2) what makes it a wonderful setting? (what is the relationship of the village to the historic henge) 3) why is the history amazing? (is it your fascination with the questions of henge monuments and their use by their builders)

    I suppose there are other places which are extraordinary and have been designed in short time frames!


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