Long grass and mown grass

Long grass and unmown grass at Bramham Park

The English summer of 2008 has had an unusually good mix of sun and rain. Perhaps a bit too much rain actually, but it has been very good for grass and it is a pleasure to see how many more gardens make a feature of the contrast between long grass and mown grass. Twenty years ago one only saw this effect at Great Dixter and in gardens which made a feature of daffodils or bluebells or another favoured flower. Today you can even find patterns of mown and unmown grass in London’s parks – the impetus to this came from David Goode at the Greater London Council and from the Urban Wildlife Group which Chris Baines co-founded. The popularity of grass in gardens has also been influenced by Piet Oudolf and a general enthusiasm for planting ornamental grasses in gardens.

One thought on “Long grass and mown grass

  1. Adam Hodge

    When will the idea of planting the grasses Piet Oudolf and followers so admire, especially the taller ones, into lawns catch on. I have never been very convinced that planting taller grasses in borders really looks nearly as lovely and ‘natural’ as in grass.


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