London with a green roof

London as it should be - greened

Thank you to Allen & Overy for opening their offices under the Open House scheme – and congratulations to them for having an office with genuinely green credentials. Roof space is used for solar panels, roof gardens or wildlife habitats (brown roofs). As the office brochure remarks ‘One of the best features of Bishops Square is the ability to hold barbecues in the summer or evening drinks on the terrace’. For me, it was a pleasure to see the City taking a small step towards the London equivalent of New York As it Should Be.

The City should designate its Square Mile as a Green Roof Zone.

One thought on “London with a green roof

  1. Christine

    Cities are incredible in their capacity to surprise. While I could imagine myself happily enjoying the landscaped terrace…it took me a little while to realise that the photograph could indeed have been of ‘New York As It Should Be.’ Is this really London? How do we stop sameness creeping into all our cities? How can landscape and architecture contribute to a sense of place?


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