London Gardens Walk eBook: a free gift for readers & the Chelsea Fringe Festival

London Historic Gardens Walk eBook

London Historic Gardens Walk eBook

To celebrate the start of the first Chelsea Fringe Garden Festival, is giving away free copies of the London Gardens Walk eBook during the weekend of  19th to 20th May.  It is in Kindle format and can be downloaded from any Amazon website. If you don’t have an eReader you can download an app for your Mac or PC from the Amazon site. Comments, or, better, reviews on the Amazon website will be welcome.  There is also a version of the gardens walking map on Googlemaps. It aims to walk you through about 5000 years of garden history by seeing London gardens and parks and objects in the British Museum. Does the world have another city with so much garden history on view?

Download London Gardens Walk eBook from Amazon UK


5 thoughts on “London Gardens Walk eBook: a free gift for readers & the Chelsea Fringe Festival

  1. Penny Beckett

    Tom, You have encouraged me to do what I have never done before. I ordered my first kindle book -for my pc admittedly but hey, I have finally entered the 21st century!
    Seriously, thank you.Its a brilliant idea to develop such a walking tour, and one I hope we will look at seriously and perhaps develop as part of our efforts to promote and celebrate the Landscape Institute’s Heritage Assets.
    Penny Beckett

  2. Grant

    Thanks Tom,

    Desperate to get out and about this summer after being locked away in front of a computer and what better guide to see that big world that is outside my four walls.



  3. Will Robley

    Some ‘people’ know about our garden heritage(see Tom’s statement on University of Greenwich website)! Still great to actually get out and see it though. Will it be published as a book?



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