4 thoughts on “Landscape and garden interpretation

  1. Marian

    This relates to your previous feed on Landscape as art or music. The need for interpretation begs the question as to the need for an audience too. I like Alan Weisman’s image ‘The World Without Us’ – suggesting that the at many levels the landscape has no need of audience or conductor.

  2. Tom Turner Post author

    (1) I think it was Weisman I heard say on the radio that ‘all species become extinct’
    (2) I drilled into a 700 million year old mudstone yesterday and, looking at the mud dust, thought that I was putting it back to how it used to be
    (3) Think about 1 tree in a hectare of grassland. If it was planted by man it is completely different to a self-sown tree, even if they are physically idendical: so I believe the audience/conductor DOES matter


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