Green dreams for social space


The greentainer project by Exposure architects demonstrates the innovative social potential of relatively simple green roof spaces. By importing a modern green house to function as a flexible space for art exhibitions, soirees etc the social use of a roof garden space can be enhanced without detracting from the vibrancy of its outdoor quality.

The Residences 900  in Chicago is a beatifully executed (but more conventional) social space on a green roof. However, the benefits of a mixed garden to ecology cannot be underestimated. The roof garden on the 17th floor of the Washington Mutual Bank  is a little more zen. It creates a contemplative social environment reminiscent of a wind swept plain – yet provides views across Elliot Bay.

3 thoughts on “Green dreams for social space

  1. Tom Turner

    Indoor space and outdoor space are well-established categories but there is a need for experiment and for diversity. I like the idea of a seemless transition between indoor and outdoor:
    (1) always indoor
    (2)normally indoor but can be made outdoor
    (3)roofed outdoor space
    (4) normally outdoor but can be made indoor
    (5) always outdoor
    I guess that a roof with space for a temporary building would be a Category (5) project

  2. Christine

    Great set of categories. I was also thinking of the greentainer above as possibly having glass walls that could fold open (ie. upwards providing an extended roof coverage). It could be constructed to give the following ways of operating:

    (1)always closed
    (2)mostly closed but with some opening panels
    (3)all panels open-able
    (4)mostly open but with some closed panels
    (5)always open


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