Garden design trends for 2010

Garden trends 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year to every every garden. How would you like to see garden design develop in 2010? Personally, I would like to see gardens become  more useful, more beautiful and better built:

  • More useful gardens: gardens should be used to grow more food.
  • More beautiful gardens: pay no attention to what is seen in garden centres (unless the garden centre employs talented garden designers to layout their stores).
  • Better construction for gardens: we like the idea of thrifty garden design: (1) DIY using local materials (2) DIY using recycled garden construction materials (3) being strict about ‘using materials of only the best quality’

Window box herb garden

Should every kitchen should have a window and every kitchen window should have a box for growing herbs?

[Images courtesy Stephanie Adamo]

2 thoughts on “Garden design trends for 2010

  1. Christine

    I am all for materials both of a high quality finish and of a more humble origin. Australia’s pre-eminent architect Glenn Murcutt is a master of the simple finish [,0.jpg ]:

    “Malouf defines what makes Murcutt’s work so remarkable. The materials are simple, but coupled with the detail and thoughtfulness to create a kind of opulence.”

    In landscape terms? Michael Hellgren is worth watching! [ ]


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