Fitting into tight spaces

The question of urban density seems to keep being asked anew every five years or so. It is said that in 1800 only three percent of the world’s population lived in cities.
That means many of us have become used to tighter spaces very quickly in evolutionary terms. Do we need to tie ourselves in knots to fit into designed spaces? What does this mean for the design of our cities? What is the relationship between green spaces and built spaces?

4 thoughts on “Fitting into tight spaces

  1. Tom Turner

    I love the photos and have been wondering for some years how I could use the opportunity of walking round london with a group of landscape architecture students to choreograph them and take photographs to make points about landscape design and planning in London. One of my ideas was to take photographs of them making use of London’s beaches – but perhaps one can achieve a better image of beach use with photomontage. On a hot day, Soho Square can be pretty crowded.

  2. Tom Turner

    The dance-among-the-fountains is a great idea (even if does have some kinship with a wet T-shirt competition – another example of fitting into tight spaces?)


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