Even in Buscot Park, the course of true love never does run smooth

A love-lorn pigeon is deserted by his mate in Buscott Park

A love-lorn pigeon is deserted by his mate in Buscott Park

The problem is not so severe in Buscott Park, but I have noticed that in Greenwich Park more photographs are taken of the squirrels than of the flowers or the scenery. Are garden designers missing a trick with their comparative neglect of the animal queendom?

7 thoughts on “Even in Buscot Park, the course of true love never does run smooth

  1. Christine

    Animals have a particular relationship with the natural environment and one another which is worthy of interest. [ http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/episode/unlikely-animal-friends-4317/Videos/07217_00#tab-Photos/4 ]

    It is worth wondering about the effects of sea level rise on Runit Island and the surrounding marine habitat.
    [ http://tickleblog.com.au/2010/11/30/nuclear-landscapes-2/ ]

    John Willis in his paper written in 2001, ‘Welcome to Atomic Park: American Nuclear Landscapes and the Unnaturally natural’ explores the conceptual thinking behind nuclear landscapes, conservation landscapes, the idea of the wasteland and the convergence between natural regeneration and nature conservation.

  2. Christine

    The underground dome is located on the tip of the island. [ http://wikimapia.org/3930649/Runit-Island ] I don’t know whether the wildlife is aware that the island is off limits for the next 25,000 years! [ http://www.underwaterkwaj.com/enew/runit.htm ] Or the humans…[ http://www.panoramio.com/photo/3517107 ]

    However at present the marine life seems to be doing OK. [ https://marshallislands.llnl.gov/photos05.php ]

    Also you have question the cinematic value of a nuclear test explosion!? [ http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_KYc8OTJXlWQ/S2ClufzOUEI/AAAAAAAABWo/Mq9ARwtlMl4/s1600-h/visiondivision_vd_guide_nuclear_vault.jpg ]

  3. Tom Turner Post author

    I have been reading about causewayed enclosures recently and it is odd that so little is known about their function. They were made in many parts of Europe 5000+ years ago. Imagine a future generation of archaeologists finding Runit Island, when our discs have stopped spinning and our books have rotted. What will they think it was for?

  4. Adam Hodge

    To lighten the tone of these noble considerations could our loyal Gardenvisit readers perhaps think of some intriguing alternative captions to that set by Tom about the love less Pigeon..m’thinks looking at the wing arrangement of the bird in flight he might even be flying TO the statonary one, so a caption could be I’m coming ..I’m coming !! I’m sure many of you can come up with something far wittier !


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