Donald Trump unveils new White House garden design

Trump White House Garden Design

Golden opportunity for garden design lover

The design objectives were to make fellow Americans feel great about themselves, to restore women to their proper place in American life and to show that the garden of the White House can serve a higher purpose than Michelle Obamacare for sustainable vegetables. The designer is believed to have been recommended by a Mr Putin who has an important position in Russia and good taste in golden statues of bimbos.

A cub journalist working for was invited to be a judge on the internal competition for redesigning the garden of the Trump White House in Washington DC. She was flattered but turned down the opportunity when required to wear a gold bikini.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump unveils new White House garden design

  1. Christine

    Your post made me wonder about the history of gold statutues in garden design? Perhaps the idea behind Trump offering gardenvisit’s cub reporter the opportunity to be a competition judge was the economic revitalistion of Washington. The meter maids of the Gold Coast similarly are famous for wearing gold bikinis. It will be interesting to see if they continue their ‘iconic’ ambassadorial role during the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


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