12 thoughts on “Do all good gardeners believe in Santa Claus?

  1. Christine

    Perhaps this will lead to a slimming down of Santa’s figure and the need for his clothes to be altered? However, it is a very picturesque scene and probably confusing for children – ie. leading to questions as to whether there is one santa or many.

    1. Tom Turner Post author

      Santa is adjusting to the age of mass production – so that every child can have their own Santa. This is an example of London planning for the future. My personal Santa is looking round for a good Android tablet.

  2. Christine

    Ahhh. So Santa just got so overwhelmed with the task of santa-ing as the world’s population grew that he has agreed to contract out some of his work, introducing the personal santa concept?

    Does this mean he has increased the managerial aspect of his Christmas workload? Or is he now CEO of Santa Inc?

    Yes, I can see modern technology would certainly provide a headache for Santa as he gets requests for all the latest, newest and brightest toys and the more traditional and obscure asks(for big and little children) worldwide.

    1. Tom Turner Post author

      Yes, out-sourcing is a booming industry and there are many non-Christian countries which celebrate the commercial aspects of Christmas.
      Maybe the UK Santa threatened to go on strike after the public sector pay cut and they had to bring in strike-breakers from East Asia.

  3. Christine

    Are these East Asia santas in your photograph? Perhaps that explains their penchant for fitness and sense that santa need not be a portly gentleman?

    In Honolulu they have sourced a santa that has had an Asian makeover.
    [ http://homescape.honoluluadvertiser.com/november06/images/6santa_b.jpg ]

    “Accent your home for the holidays with an elegant Chinese-style Santa. This decorative Emperor Santa includes traditional emblems of good luck, from a jade necklace and silk slippers to a sandalwood fan. Santa is carrying a cage of crickets and wears an embroidered robe with a hand-screened dragon design. This Asian import has a porcelain face and stands 26 inches high. Horchow (1-800-456-7000). $75.”

    Santa has taken up and outdoors lifestyle in Australia too. SomehowI think the ‘Aussie’ Santa with his more relaxed lifestyle has more fun!
    [ http://tww.id.au/christmas/img/surf.jpg ]

  4. Tom Turner Post author

    Most definitely, the Santa costumes are are made in Asia and, since over half the visitors to Greenwich Park seem to be tourists, it is a fair guess that that many of the Santa’s bodies are also Asian.
    Thank you for the images of eastern Santas: I am glad that Mr Claus has not proved to be a Little Englander or Little European [at least, not in the modern sense: it should be remembered that Little Englander originally meant a person who did not believe in the Empire. Also, since obesity is prevalent, for which I blame the Americans, there is an increasing shortage of physical Little Englanders].

  5. Christine

    Gosh. I wonder if there is a post-Empire period in a similar way there is a post-Vatican II period?

    I guess we should be talking about the globalisation of the workforce? Which probably means Santa will be employing locally for his deliveries in China or do you think he will be looking to reduce his wages bill and only be looking for the cheapest willing elfs this Christmas?

    Perhaps if Santa delivered more ‘active’ toys for children to play with the results of pudding and turkey might not remain on the waistline for so long?

  6. Tom Turner Post author

    I am really worried about Santa’s moral position. His role model, St Nicholas, ‘was very religious from an early age and devoted his life entirely to Christianity’ (Wiki). Somehow, I get the impression that the many thousands of Santas are over-involved with filthy commerce. Could they be getting kick-backs from product placements? The great truth of Watergate (‘follow the money’) could lead the sleuths who are working over the Murdochs into places most kids would rather they did not go!

  7. Christine

    Yes. Santa will need to make some prudent choices about his the endorsements and commerical activities of his representatives worldwide so as not to get caught up in situations which could compromise his integrity. I suppose he will need the proverbial ‘wisdom of Solomon’.

    Fortuneately the Murdochs have access to some of the best investigative journalists to help them clear their name.

    1. Tom Turner Post author

      I have been thinking about those ‘personalised’ Santa images you have been finding and wondering if I should, in the true spirit of Modern Christmas, register them as trademarks and cash in. That Chinese Santa could have long commercial legs and I have read that Christianity is booming business in the Middle Kingdom. With garden theming it could be the perfect accessory for an emerging leisure class http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2008/05_04/gnomesPA1705_468x322.jpg. I can see millions of balconies with illuminated garden Santas and just hope I have not blown my chance of a commercial empire by blogging about it before doing it.
      Think what Micky Mouse did for Disney’s bottom line.


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