Damien Hirst of Toddington Manor

Is Damien Hirst furnishing Toddington Manor with a Young British Artist Garden? Born in 1965, he is now a now Middle Aged British Artist

Damien Hirst is the lord of Toddington Manor. The old manor house was drawn by Kip in the eighteenth century and rebuilt as a gothic revival mansion in the nineteenth century. Hirst uses the manor for his art collection and I hope he is making a YBA garden.

One thought on “Damien Hirst of Toddington Manor

  1. Christine

    Having considered the cultural aspects of architecture quite closely, should it be a surprise to discover a decidedly rebellious contemporary artist has purchased a traditional manor house. Perhaps, this acquisition is a rite of passage?

    If so, what can we expect in a garden by a founding YBA? Will the garden be a reflection of the manor or of the illustrious career of its newest occupant?

    Or will Damien Hirst set out to make an independant contribution to British Garden Design?


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