Cycling policy in Amsterdam and London

With thanks to Christine for the link, I am delighted to extend the availability of this history of cycling in Holland. Britain had a Conservative Government at the time of the 1973 oil crisis, which is identified as the starting point for the Dutch cycling policy. The response of Heath’s government was pathetic. They (1) gave a few grants for 50mm of roof insulation (2) borrowed a lot of money to keep downt he price of fuel (3) did nothing whatsoever about cycling. Today we have a Mayor of London and a Prime Minister who are keen cyclists. Please can we do what the Dutch did after 1973. And please can the London Cycling Campaign stage some really good stunts. I would, for example, like to see Whitehall, The Mall, Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square CARPETED WITH PRONE CYCLISTS for the state opening of parliament. I’ll the there, sun, wind or rain.

4 thoughts on “Cycling policy in Amsterdam and London

    1. Tom Turner Post author

      Aaaagh! How did the poor cyclist protect his knees from being wrecked? Could he be an out-of-work stuntman? Anyway, the video does a lot to explain why Forester is so against cycle lanes.

  1. Christine

    The text says he is a filmmaker so perhaps he does have some stuntman skills as well. He is also a pretty effective filmaker. It would be interesting to see his work on the big screen particularly if he tackles such challenging urban topics with such wit.

    It seems the Neist brothers are something of cycling activists. They had already produced a youtube video where they stole their own bike by various methods…perhaps they just look to honest? [ ]

    Here is a bit of a bio on wiki. [ ]


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