Complaints about copy editors

Working on a second edition of Garden History Philosophy and Design 2000 BC to 2000 AD, I used MS Word’s compare and merge tool to relate the text I sent to the publisher with the text as-published. Some of the changes are sensible but I am cross with myself for not taking a strong line with the copy editor on many points. She seems not to have been too bothered about my spelling mistakes and, with a notable fondness for hackneyed platitudes, to have concentrated instead on the removal of colourful prose, strong opinions and anything remotely salacious. Grrr! Two of the great things about electronic publishing are (1) you are free of copy editors (2) you can have as many illustrations as you want, and they can all be in colour.

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  1. Tom Turner Post author

    The book trade (ie shops and publishers) are nervous about change, as was the record trade, but it looks as though the future lies with eBooks for eReaders (like Amazon’s Kindle) combined with POD Print on Demand for those who prefer paper books. These technologies add up to ePublishing.


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