Careers and jobs for landscape architects in an expanding profession

Brochure for the American Soceity of Landscape Architects ASLA 2011 Annual Meeting and Expo

Jonathan Mueller, as President of the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2011, writes that ‘As a profession, we are entring a time of unparalleled opportunity. One of great promise. One where the fruits of our collective efforts have begun to be realized. In July 2009, Engineering News-Record ran a cover article titled “Landscape Architecture Rising,” citing the ascent of landscape architects to the forefront of major engineering projects. Speaking at the Congress for the New Urbanism meeting last year, architect Andres Duany declared, “Its not cool to be an architect. Its cool to be a landscape architect. That’s the next cool thing.” The Architect’s Newspaper featured a cover story in March about the surge in major commissions goint to landscape architects, stating, “Traditionally, the architect was the master builder with landscape designers as mere ancilleries. Today that relationship is fast being reversed.”‘
They used to say that ‘When America sneezes, Britain catches a cold’ and I would like the UK to join the US on this path. It should be a great time to embark on a career in landscape architecture. I remember reading, in a British journal in the 1970s, that ‘50% of job advertisements for landscape architects fail to attract any applicants’. Given the immensity of the opportunities facing the landscape architecture profession in almost every country, the employment prospects for landscape architects may well return to this level – worldwide. However: the landscape architecture profession needs to do a great deal more to explain itself and to promote itself. The Summer 2011 issue of the LI Journal, Landscape, suggests that one of Britain’s best-known architects is helping with his remark that the day of the architect is over and ‘the day of the landscape architect is today’. Stansfield Smith would have been nearer the mark if had said that the green cities imperative makes it necessary for architects and landscape architects to work ‘hand in glove’.

4 thoughts on “Careers and jobs for landscape architects in an expanding profession

  1. Monarch at Ridge Hill

    New Urbanism and landscape architecture are two industries that will see phenomenal growth over the next few years. In an effort to combat pollution and fuel reliance, creating communities that are more sustainable is an increasing focus for many. We completely agree that this is an industry that many should get involved in.

  2. Andrea

    It’s definitely a long time coming and I feel positive as someone studying the profession to have something to really look forward to. I am currently working on a local housing regeneration project in England involving the community to help piece together something which slowly broke but needs that outdoor realm to bring it all back together. And it’s not just in England, it’s everywhere as a consequence of the world and people today.
    I really hope to come to the conference to talk to like minded people and learn what is going on in other places.

    1. Tom Turner Post author

      I hope so too – and to help bring about the change I recommend diminishing the role of the Landscape Institute as a gentleman’s and gentlewomen’s club and strengethening its role a campaigning organisation which is part-think-tank and part-pressure-group. Just sitting and waiting is likely to insufficent.

  3. Grant

    Fingers Crossed!!!!!

    The environment is not outside of a building, a building sits in the environment, get that, get the role of a Landscape Architecture

    Just need an upturn!!!



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