Batchelor Life in the Green Age

So what are the essentials of life for the modern batchelor in the Green Age? Is a good view to a natural setting a pre-requisite for happiness in habitation? Should he be provided with a balcony so that he can commune with the outdoors while still ensounced in his pad? Or does the modern batchelor still insist on his own patch of dirt? Perhaps a fast or all terrain vehicle would satisfy a desire to experience the outdoors…afterall what are weekends for?

Or in the Green Age has the batchelor become a totally urbanised creature? Is access to a good coffee shop, a waterfront promenade and urban night life the essential accessory for a good life?

5 thoughts on “Batchelor Life in the Green Age

  1. Tom Turner

    I visited a Carthusian monastery recently and have been reading about their lifestyle. They are the ultimate batchelors (and spinsters). They live in cottages with gardens and only see other people a few times a week. No need for all terrain vehicles! But gardening and a view of ‘nature’ are a key part of the lifestyle. No meat either. But they do have something which is not on your list: a workroom.

  2. Christine

    I am not sure there is a universal vocation to stability of place, contemplation and silence. The Carthusian aesthetic is quite beautiful – spartan and serene.

    Oh, and the dwelling shown above has been designed for miners….not sure what a workroom would look like. In remote mining centres the arrangement is fly-in fly-out and change facilities are part of the workplace. [ ] In mining towns perhaps the arrangement remains a little more conventional?

    For the Internet Generation I suggest transformable furniture. [ ]

  3. Tom Turner

    Definitely, miners are a different social group to Carthusians! Strange to give them such a serene interior and such a disturbing exterior, but I suppose this is the converse of their normal working conditions. I love the Stella Expandable and Transforming Table. Like a mine, it too has a calm exterior and troubling interior.

  4. christine

    Rory, for space allocation see the plans published on the architect’s website. [ ] It is a little difficult to see, but it seems they may have incorporated skylights on the roof. Perhaps the addition of a roof garden would have enabled some private outdoor green space for recreation?

    The first level appears to be given over to parking. There may be some opportunity for greening this understorey level also (without reducing nett ventilation).


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