The Garden of Eden

Christine’s post on the Lilypad Islands have a Garden of Eden quality. Vincent Callebaut propose a New Eden for us to inhabit when we have finished wrecking the Earth. The Lilypad Islands remind me what an excellent idea cruise ships are for other people’s holidays. Providing there is no pollution, just think how much better the all the world’s coasts would be if all the holidaymakers could be moved offshore.

Athanasius Kircher’s drawing ( 1675) shows the Garden of Eden between the Tigris and Euphrates, west of the Persian/Arabian Gulf. He shows the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, four angels guarding the gates and Cain killing Abel in the top-left corner. Majority opinion amongst modern commentators favours Kircher’s location of the Garden of Eden in Southern Iraq, but there are many competing theories.

3 thoughts on “The Garden of Eden

  1. Christine

    Strangely enough I have always dreamt about cruising to Antarctica ( experience one of the last real wildernesses of spectacular beauty on Earth. At one time I even thought I might like to work in Antarctica designing facilities for the scientific research base. Perhaps it was the stories I was told by an engineer I met on the ski fields who had worked in Antarctica and spent time ‘waiting’ to be rescued with his colleague from an ice shelf down a crevice that made me so keen on the idea!

    As another person cruising the Greek islands in a(zeo-carbon emitting)yacht(without the extreme adventure element)is another attractive cruising holiday option.

    There are some very strange ideas about paradise on earth and the perfect holiday destination around! One idea of paradise is this (not so context sensitive) viking village in Thailand?

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