Saucy potato

The sauciest potato I know

Whoever would have dreamt that a potato could be so saucy? This prime example of a Charlotte was dug yesterday. For those who like waxy spuds, its flavour is without rival. The Potato Council writes that: “Charlotte is a salad potato. With its distinctive long, oval shape, white skin and moist texture it is ideal for so much more than just salads. Scoring 4 on the waxy / floury scale Charlotte stays firm when cooked and can also be very successfully sauted and even roasted in its skin for a firm ‘roast’ potato. It is frequently sold washed and in bags or punnets which adds to the convenience value of this widely available potato.” With food like this, the worrying decline in the birth rate could be reversed.

2 thoughts on “Saucy potato

  1. Christine

    The history of the potato is fascinating.

    So to is the history of the orange in England.

    The first record of the orange in England is in 1290. It is said that the first Orangerie in the UK was built at Beddington for Sir Francis Carew.

    While the orangrie at Mapperton House dates from 1960, both of the houses at Beddington and Mapperton were recorded in the Doomsday Book.[;

    The first Earl of Sandwich [yes of sandwich fame] is credited with bringing Charles the Second back to England from Holland in 1660. The orangery apparently was made fashionable in England amongst the nobility because of an early seventeenth century Dutch fashion for orangeries.

    I wonder what the archeological record on orangeries would reveal?


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