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Chelsea Physic Garden

A rare and wonderful enclosed garden dating from the seventeenth century. It was begun, in 1673, as a garden in which to grow plants for medicinal purposes. Though remains a garden for botany, it the appearance of an ornamental garden with straight walks at right angles to each other. The garden's position near the Thames was chosen to allow non-native plants to grow in the warmer microclimate created by the river. The first renaissance botanical garden was the Orto Botanico in Padua. Both a botanical garden and a pleasure garden, it is a delightful place to be on a summer afternoon.

The Chelsea Physic Garden is on the London Gardens Walk and included in the eBook guide to the London Gardens Walk

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Plants of note

largest olive growing outside in UK

66 Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London, Greater London, England, SW3 4HS

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