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Garden Tours in Italy

Many people think Italy has the best gardens in the world. They are wonderfully designed but not notable for their flowers. The most popular area for garden visiting is the western coastal region extending from Florence through Rome to Naples, though Northern Italy also has good gardens (eg Isola Bella). The areas and periods of particular interest are:

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Travel arrangements for Italian garden visiting

British and American tour operators take visitors to Italian gardens. The alternatives are car hire, which is easy, and public transport, which is cheap and extensive. There can be long hot queues at ticket windows in Italian stations but many stations have automatic ticket machines with instructions in several languages. They look intimidating but are surprisingly easy to use. Driving in country districts is relaxing and easy. Driving in and around the big cities of Italy can be a nightmare: heavy congestion, confusing road signs and hot tempered drivers. An air conditioned car helps.

Escorted Garden Tours in Italy


Rome, Ninfa & Castel Gandolfo, departing 17th May, 14th June, 6th September 2022

This tour includes the two best-loved gardens in Italy ( Villa d’Este and Villa Lante) and a charming botanical garden outside Rome (Ninfa, pictured left - image copyright Daniele Muscetta).


Villas and Gardens of the Italian Lakes, departing 4th May, 22nd June, 7th September 2022

This tour includes visits to wonderful villas and gardens in Lake Maggiore (the private garden of the President of the Italian Camellia Society, the extravagant Borromean islands, Villa Pallavicino and Villa Taranto) and Lake Como (Villa Carlotta, Villa Balbianello and a private tour of Villa Cicogna Mozzoni with the owner).