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Garden tours require advance planning and this is a pleasurable a winter activity. One solution is to book a garden tour and all the planning will be taken care of for you. The other is to go as an independent traveller. The steps in planning your own garden tour are as follows: (1) decide what gardens to visit - see our Garden Finder (2) find out what is the best time of year for a visit and when the gardens are open (3) make the necessary travel arrangements - for flights, trains, ferries, buses, car hire, cycle hire etc (4) find hotels or bed and breakfasts, preferably with good gardens. The temptation to put off such arrangements until arrival in the country should be resisted. Intensive pre-planning of garden travel arrangements brings rich rewards so we recommend that you invest some time in planning before you set off. This will avoid wasted time and disappointments during your trip - and online bookings make things much simpler.

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