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Sloane Square

Sloane Square was a road junction for over 200 years (of King's Road, Cliveden Place, Sloane Street and Lower Sloane Street). The present Sloane Square, which is rectangular, was created in the 1930s. The Venus Fountain (installed in 1953) was made by Gilbert Ledward. It was really a 'traffic island' until, under the banner of shared space, a strip of pedestrian paving was extended from the underground station to the central area. The strip is shared between pedestrians and vehicles. Matthew Tribe, landscape architect with Atkins, commented that: ‘Sloane Square is one of the most significant urban spaces in London, with an excellent opportunity to reinvent itself for the next generation. ‘We are delighted to have been asked to draw on our experience and creativity to provide an alternative vision for the square, one which will move it beyond the gyratory space that it is today and help it become a focal point. Our ideas are based on understanding how people use, and want to use, the square and creating a design solution that responds to these needs. Ultimately, we are focused on making Sloane Square a place which people use, enjoy, and want to spend time in.’

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Sloane Square is on the London Gardens Walk and included in the eBook guide to the London Gardens Walk

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Sloane Square, Chelsea, London, Greater London, England

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