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Germany both lost and gained from not having an all-powerful royal family: it had a lack of leadership and resources; it gained through having more, if smaller, gardens. By turns, they are eccentric, dramatic, charming and surprising. After 1945, Germany set its sights firmly on the future and took a leading part in the development of modern gardens.

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Many of the best German gardens are operated as public parks rather than private estates. This results in less money being spent on flower gardening and also in their being less attractive to tour operators - there is something unappealing about a tour of 'German public parks' compared to a tour of 'French chateau gardens'. However, the garden scene in Germany is changing and more private gardens are opening their gates to visitors. Many of the garden parks are in urban areas and the public transport system is excellent. This makes visiting German gardens as attractive for the independent traveller as it is unattractive for the tour operator.