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We now offer an industry standard 728x90 pixel leaderboard non-animated banner at the top of each page above our navigation bar. Banners are sold on the basis of a monthly tenancy, not Cost-per-Click (charge per click) or Cost-Per-Mille (charge per 1000 impressions). The tenancy is exclusive - no other banner adverts will be displayed for the duration of your tenancy.


URLCost per Month
Home Page £100
Trip Planner, Gardens Index, Nursery Index
Garden Finder, Nursery Finder
A Garden Finder Country Index e.g. Gardens in England, Gardens in New Zealand £30
A Garden Finder Regional Index e.g. Gardens in Buckinghamshire, Gardens in Florida £20
Garden Design Index Garden Design £70
Garden Products Index Garden Products £70
A Garden Products Category e.g. Garden Furniture, Garden Tools £50
A Garden Products Subcategory e.g. Solar Lights, Wrough Iron £20
Any other page   £15


We offer discounts for multiple pages and multiple months.


The below statistics are taken directly from our traffic analytics software.

YearMonthVisitsPage Views
2009 May 186,443 473,111
2009 July 142,434
January 114,561


Where are our visitors from?

Our visitors mainly come the United Kingdom and the United States. Below is a table of the most common countries of our visitors.

Country% of visitors
United Kingdom 55.19%
United States 16.94%
Canada 3.04%
Austrailia 2.31%
France 1.73%
Germany 1.67%


Need a banner designed?

Don't worry if you don't have a banner designed already - we can design your banner for you. The design fee is £50 (non-animated banner).

Please contact us if you are interested or require any additional information.