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Haga Royal Park, Stockholm

A serpentine park, made in the late eighteenth century near a bay beside the Baltic, with a collection of Mixed Style garden buildings. The park was started by King Gustav III. It has a neoclassical Royal Pavillion, made after a tour of Italy in 1782. The Koppartalten is a 'Roman battle tent' designed by Louis Jean Desperez (1790) as a stable. The Haga Slott was built in 1802-4 for Gustaf IV. The Ekotemplet was designed as a summer dining room. Like the Kinesiska Pagoden (Chinese Pagoda) it is brightly coloured. There is also a Turkish Pavilion. Sweden was influenced by Germany and it would not be wrong to see a similarity with the work of Prince Puckler at Muskau and Branitz. Hagaparken is now part of Ekoparken, an urban National Park which extends round the Brunnsviken inlet.

Hagaparken, Stockholm, Sweden

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