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Piper, Fredrik Magnus

Born - Died : 1746 - 1824

Swedish architect and garden designer. He studied painting and architecture and spent time in England, France, Germany and Italy and made many drawings of famous gardens, including Painshill. When he returned home Gustavus III commissioned him to design royal landscape parks in Sweden. He helped with the Haga Park, although the result mainly shows the King Gustav III's ideas.  Piper designed several other landscape gardens in Sweden. For more on Piper (and his drwings of Painshill), see for example: Description of the idea and general-plan for an English park, written during the years 1811 and 1812 by Fredrik Magnus Piper /Beskrifning öfwer idéen och general-plan till en ängelsk lustpark, författad under åren 1811 och 1812 af F. M. Piper (facsimile 2004). The landscape garden at Forsmark is not a by Piper: it is by the royal gardener Johan Christian Ackermann, who had been working with Piper.

Gardens designed by Piper, Fredrik Magnus