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Charlton House

The remarks which Loudon made in 1840 can stand unchanged: 'A noble mansion in the Elizabethan style, or rather perhaps in that of James I. . . We have seldom seen a place with the grounds in a worse state from neglect, but they contain at the sime time elements of every thing desirable for such a situation. Would that we had the re-arrangement of them'. The house is very fine. There is some good planting near the house but the old deer park is dreary and the planting in front of the house is lamentable. Charlton House and gardens are 'cared for' by Greenwich Council much as Vlad the Impaler might 'take care' of an orphanage. One day, perhaps, Loudon's wish will be fulfilled, as it has been at Kinross House.
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Photograph ©

Charlton Road, Greenwich, London, Greater London, England, SE7

All year, Daily, Open dawn to dusk

Entrance free

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