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Sayes Court Garden

John Evelyn's house and garden have gone but there is a public park, with the name Sayes Court. It is on the west part of what was once John Evelyn's estate. Evelyn's garden lay to the west of Butt Lane (which was renamed Deptford High Street in 1825, with the north section called Watergate Lane). The site of Sayes Court lies between the present Czar Street and Sayes Court Street. Much rebuilt, Evelyn's house became a Workhouse and then a Pensioner's House. Sayes Court nearly became the first house in England to be saved by the National Trust. It was taken over by the War Department in 1914 and did not survive the Second World War.

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Photograph ©
Photograph ©

Sayes Court, Evelyn Street, Deptford, London, Greater London, England

All year, Daily, Open dawn to dusk

Entrance free

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