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Victoria Tower Gardens

Victoria Tower Gardens were made in the 1870s as part of Joseph Bazalgette's creation of a new sewer system for London. Previously, the site had been occupied by wharves. The gardens provide an excellent view of the Victoria Tower, in which parliamentary archives are kept. A row of London Plane trees overhangs the river, linking landscape to riverscape. The gardens are used for 'political' sculpture.  Rodin's sculpture The Burghers of Calais (celebrating heroism) and a statue of the suffragette leader, Emmeline Pankhurst. The Buxton Memorial Fountain was moved here from its original site in Parliament Square. It is a commoration of the emancipation of slaves in 1834.

Victoria Tower Gardens is on the London Gardens Walk and included in the eBook guide to the London Gardens Walk

Victoria Tower Gardens, Abingdon Street, Millbank, London, Greater London, England

Free entry at all times

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