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Natur-Park Suedgelaende, Berlin

The 18 hectares park was once part of Tempelhofer marshalling yard, which closed in 1952. It was being taken over by nature when it was designated a Nature Park in 1996 and opened to the public in 2000. Relics of the railway were made into art objects for incorporation in the park. These include a steam train and a turntable.

Head Gardener's Comment

The park consists of a fascinating combination of nature, train relicts and art which weave themselves in harmonically creating this stunning park. Visitors are asked to walk on elevated pathways which run along the former railway tracks. This allows you to explore and experience the park on railway tracks and from the perspective of an old steam engine. It sets you back in to the past when the park was filled with hundreds of freight trains.

The Nature-Park offers two trails which are suitable for handicapped people. The water tower and the turnstile can be observed on a 1km long trail. The other route has a length of 2,7 km and in addition to the water tower and turnstile allows you to explore the nature protected area. It links the dry meadows of the central clearing with the robinia forest and the valley path. Here you can find grass land to picnic on. Benches as well as a swing invite you to pause here and to forget the noise and traffic in the busy city.

The valley path brings you back to the entrance. It follows the former route of the Sachsen-Anhaltiner train which runs lower than the rest of the site. This forms a shadowy narrow path and is a contrast to the other half of the route. It is ideal, however, during the hot summer season.

Paying the Nature-Park Schöneberger Südgelände a visit is definitely worth it at any time of the season! From the early summer up until autumn beautiful colour combinations can be observed in the forest and on the lawn. In April the first blossoming fruit trees can be seen in the valley path. Guests visiting the site at the end of May have the privilege of seeing the wild rose which transforms the former train station in to a rosy “fairy tale landscape”.

Photograph © Grün Berlin
Photograph © Grün Berlin
Photograph © Grün Berlin
Photograph © Grün Berlin


In the year of 1987 the “citizens action committee Nature-Park Schöneberger Südgelände” was founded. Since the beginning of 1999 the park is under landscape and nature protection.

Thanks to the help of interested citizens and the financial aid of the Allianz Umweltstiftung this site could be opened to the public in 2000. The nature park was recognised as a “worldwide project” of the EXPO 2000.

Running parallel to the Schöneberger Südgelände and opposite the S-Bahn tracks the Hans-Baluschek-Park can be used to relax and for leisure.

Plants of note

The Nature-Park impresses numerous visitors due to its biodiversity: 30 bird species, 57 spider species, 95 wild bee species, 15 grasshopper species as well as over 350 plant and 49 mushrooms inhabit this area.

Remarkable are robinias, wild roses, wild fruits, yellow Sand-strawflower and rare Habichtskräuter

Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände, Prellerweg 47-49, S-Bahnhof Priesterweg, Berlin, North East, Germany, 12157

All year. Daily. Open 9am to 8pm (5pm in winter).

The admission fee is 1,- € per person (we do not charge admission to children aged 14 or below).

Visit the Natur-Park Suedgelaende, Berlin website

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