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Paignton Zoo Environmental Park

It is a pleasure to visit a zoo which maintains the Baroque tradition of linking an interest in animals to an interest in plants (for comparison, see Tiergarten Schönbrunn). Instead of concentrating on curious exotics, as was done in the eighteenth century, the emphasis is on the conservation of endangered species. There are bio-geographic collections of plants designed, naturalistically, to represent the natural habitat types of the animals. The plant collections contain around 5,000 specimens representing about 2,500 different plants. Records of all these plants are held on computer database which holds information on plant origin, identification and cultivation. The Zoo's nursery also supports plant and animal conservation work and the scientific research of students. The warm climate in South West England allows the Zoo to grow many tender plants outside as part of the exhibits. Palms, bananas and citrus are amongst the plants that contribute to the tropical feel of the Zoo.

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Photograph © Paington Zoo

Totnes Road, Paignton, Devon, England, TQ4 7EU

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