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Overbeck's Museum and Garden

An Edwardian house with a wonderful sea view. It was built after 1913 with a terraced Arts and Crafts Edwardian garden. It 'offers superb sea views and comes nearer to a garden on the Mediterranean Riviera than any other owned by the National Trust'. One can see fuchsias, banana palms, myrtles, daturas, agaves, agapanthus, cannas and kniphofias.

The house is named after Otto Overbeck (1860–1937) a chemist and prominent advocate of electrotherapy. The museum houses Overbeck's collections of stuffed animals, and exhibitions of model sailing ships and various nautical and shipbuilding tools. The house was given to the National Trust on condition it would not be used as a brothel.

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Photograph © NTPL/Andrew Butler
Becks ©

Sharpitor, Salcombe, Devon, England, TQ8 8LW

See Overbeck's website (link below) for opening details

Visit the Overbeck's Museum and Garden website

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