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Beijing Parks and Gardens

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  • Beihai (North Lake) Park
  • Beijing Botanical Gardens
  • Beijing Zoo
  • Eight Ancient Altars in Beijing
  • Grand View Garden (Daguanyuan)
  • Jingshan (Prospect Hill) Park
  • Longtanhu (Dragon Lake) Park
  • Purple Bamboo Park (Zizhuyuan)
  • Shuangxiu (Double Elegant) Park
  • Summer Palace (Yiheyuan)
  • Taoranting (Joyous Pavilion) Park
  • Temple of Heaven (Tiantan Park)
  • The Circular Wall (Tuancheng)
  • The Three Rear Lakes (Housanhai)
  • Working People's Cultural Palace
  • Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills) Park
  • Yuan Capital
  • Yuyuantan Park and Angler's Terrace (Diaoyutai)
  • Zhongnanhai (Central and South Lakes)
  • Zhongshan Park
  • City Wall Site Park
Beijing Forbidden City and Lakes in 1900. The North Sea (Beihai), Central Sea (Zonghai), South Sea (Nanhai) and Sea Terrace Island (Yingtai) from the German survey of 1900. The area around the Central and South Seas became an exclusive compound for the Communist Party in 1949.

Beijing, China

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