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Tregrehan Garden

The park dates from the 18th century and it became a woodland garden with a terrace in the nineteenth century, exemplifying the transition idea. The woodland garden is planted with rhododendrons and camellias. The south terrace was designed by William Andrews Nesfield in 1843 and simplified in the 1970s (when a swimming pool was added. The lawn south-east of the house was shown on Nesfield's plan the type of circular beds Loudon admired.

Nesfield terrace (+ 20th C swimming pool)
Photograph © Tregrehan
Photograph © Tregrehan
Photograph © Tregrehan


Records show that the Carlyon Family have been ardent horticulturists since the early 17th Century. The latest additions to this legacy have been the camellia breeding programme by Miss G Carlyon and much clearing and planting by Tom Hudson.

Plants of note

The feeling when walking especially in the woodland is of the extent of the botanical diversity. Many plants are of known source origin, and grouped geographically to form a living Green Gene Bank. Many trees have reached exceptional size with at least two dozen being the largest of their type in the UK including the tallest Gingko, among many conifers and oaks especially.

Par, Cornwall, England, PL24 2SJ

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