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Pinsla Garden & Nursery

Pinsla is a 1.5 acre work of garden art. It is set in woodland. Naturalistic cottage garden planting with intense colour and scent surrounds an 18th century cottage. Peace and tranquility were design objectives. The designers explain that though much effort went into the planting 'Our garden is not just about plants though; we also make decorative paths, arches, shelters and edgings. Granite boulders have been painstakingly nudged into chosen positions, both in the stone circle, the grass garden and beside the main path of slate, stone, and incised concrete. Pebbles and pots make spirals; tiles are used on their edges for paving. White Feldspar makes glittering columns for the tea shelter and broken mirror lines the pergola roof in the moss garden. Oak roots are used to heighten walls, and mystical sculptures peep out from behind trees.'

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Photograph © Pinsla Garden & Nursery
Photograph © Pinsla Garden & Nursery
Photograph © Pinsla Garden & Nursery

Glynn, nr. Cardinham, Cornwall, England, PL30 4AY

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